SolidState Story

"Solid State" is a term our family has used for generations to describe any product, tool, or machine that was durable, reliable, and consistently well-made. At SolidState Concepts, LLC. we aim to uphold those characteristics and apply them to every product or idea that we bring to the market. In physics, the solid-state theory provides the basis for all material sciences. We strive to find the most cutting edge, scientific technologies to develop innovative products that improve our customer's daily lives.

Cole Anderson founded SolidState Concepts in August of 2020 after his time as lead product designer for ZC Glass. Cole started his professional career as a lathe-worker making and selling Q-tip etiquette stations. He soon branched out into the Vape/E-Rig market where he was introduced to a new world of opportunity in electronics & 3D printed accessories. He quickly developed a reputation for his skills as a 3D printer and before long SolidState Concepts was born.

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